„We have been cooperating with Market Vision for six years.

Cooperation with Market Vision helps us to improve our ways of communication and to design our product so that our clients are more satisfied with it. This is a very important area for us and thanks to long-term cooperation with Market Vision we have made a significant progress.

We consider Market Vision to be innovative and flexible; they can always accomodate to our demands and needs.“

„Market Vision is one of the best agencies in the areas of Mystery Shopping and market monitoring I have encountered.

If you are one of the companies which are far away from their customers and you can only work with hypotheses or assumptions of what is really going on with your customers at the point of sales, then Market Vision people are the right partners who will help you map the actual situation from the customers’ viewpoint. They will draw your attention to crucial problems which are often very hard to see from the headquarters, and recommend solutions.

They can also provide you with insight into your own or partner sales network or into operations of the departments dealing with information provision or customer service.

I can see that Market Vision try hard to understand the objectives of their clients and strive to provide added value. Their outputs focus on ‘what else can be improved’ instead of being a repressive tool focused on ‘what is done badly’. Even though it is important to acknowledge the weaknesses too.“

„During our long-term cooperation, Market Vision agency has proven that they are real experts not only in the area of quantitative and qualitative analysis, but also in areas which are equally important – Mystery Shopping and Competitive Intelligence.

This agency has done regular monitoring of the telco market for us, which we use as one of our main sources of information about marketing activities of our competitors, not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia.

Projects based on Mystery Shopping enable us not only to gain feedback on services provided to our customers, but also to fine-tune them so that they are more attractive for our customers.“