Mystery Shopping

19 years of experience with Mystery Shopping

257134 + Mystery Shopping visits executed

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What are the benefits of cooperating with us?

evaluation of service staff

we will find out the strengths and weaknesses of sales personnel in your outlets, we will recommend measures for improvement of customer service and increase of sales

immediate feedback

we deliver feedback immediately after each Mystery shopping is finished, you will get quick assesment directly from the Mystery Shopper

increase of add-on sale

we will teach your sales personnel to offer add-on products through our PLUS 1 concept

customer retention

you will know how competition reacts in case the customer wants to leave or extend the contract, how their retention processes work, and what offers they present to the customers in order to retain them

current prices

we will provide price analysis and information about current actual ‘street’ prices and discounts

comparison of outlets

we will compare the quality of service in individual outlets, and will show you the development of results over time

comparison with competition

we will provide you with a sales quality benchmark; we will compare your company with your competition on the market

mystery directed by you

we will supply you with SPRING app for organisation of Mystery Shoppings, completion of forms and reporting of results

improvement of communication

you will improve telephone and email communication with your customers

mystery delivery

you will get feedback on services of delivery companies that you use for delivery of shipments to your customers


Our Solutions

Mystery Shopping

evaluation of service quality


comparison with competition


increase of add-on sales

Competition Mystery

increase of sales through competitions

B-B Mystery Shopping

a company is the mystery shopper

Spring Tool

collection and reporting of results

We were the first agency in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to become a member of MSPA Elite.
MSPA Europe
MSPA Market Vision certificate

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